Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Price – Just 499 EUR


Yes, unexpectedly, the price is quite cheap. It might still be a rumor. But the revelation is from Microsoft Germany raffle.

The prize list of the going-on raffle says, that Windows Phone 7 is worth of €499. Well, that’s quite cheap. As said by Arne, a Windows Phone 7 device that got minimum hardware requirements of WVGA/HVGA capacitive touchscreen display, 256MB RAM, 8GB internal memory, 5MP or higher camera, ARM Cortex or Scorpion processor, isn’t bad with this price range. However, that particular device’s OEM is doubted to be Asus or Acer or LG, as these OEMs comes out with cheaper smartphones than HTC and others. Again, we might not know whether it’s rumor or real.


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