Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! (2011)

Have a Blessed Year 2011 to Everyone!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Surpasses 5,000 Apps Mark


Just a bit over two months from its worldwide release and a bit under two months from the U.S. launch, Windows Phone 7 has crossed the 5,000 available Marketplace applications mark.

WP7 Launched In Thailand; HTC HD7 Immediately Sold Out


The Bangkok Posts reports that the Thailand Windows Phone 7 launch -- the fifth country in the world to officially have Redmond's new mobile OS -- was a huge success.

My Experience with Windows Phone…So Far


I was/am a huge fan of the Zune HD and its unique interface and most anyone who knows me knows I was always wishing out loud that Microsoft would make some sort of Zune HD phone. On most of the Zune websites and some other tech blogs, rumors were always swirling about when, if ever, Microsoft would turn the nascent, barely-marketed Zune HD into a mobile phone device. It wasn’t until Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 7 on February 15, 2010, at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona that we finally saw what Microsoft had been doing behind the scenes while Windows Mobile faded helplessly in market share.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 gone STUPID

#1 worst product of 2010 is Microsoft Windows Phone 7?

Do you agree? Check this link -> INQ's top 10 worst products of 2010

WP7 is indeed somehow struggling and Microsoft has some difficulties competing with someone on top like iPhones. Yet somehow it's coping up fast and so happen came out lately -- a sale numbers of 1.5M for only over 6 weeks is really impressive compared to Android and iPhone when it was first released. So definitely not #1 WORST PRODUCT.

Let me know your inputs.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Microsoft Sells 1.5M Windows Phone 7 Units in 6 Weeks

Predictions of the platform's demise look to be greatly exaggerated

Many news sites reported that Microsoft latest mobile effort might truly be sibling of the miserable Kin. They claimed that sales of the Microsoft smart phones were poor at best. Other sites, however, were a bit more cautious to prophesy the platform's doom, instead citing cautious optimism about sales.

Well, the first official sales numbers are out at last, and while they aren't anywhere near the mega-success of Apple or Google, they look to be quite promising.

Nokia considering Windows Phone 7 OS?

Whispers suggest that they are looking at it

A number of sources are crawling out of the woodwork to tell us that none other than Nokia might be considering dabbling into the Windows Phone 7 OS waters with an offering of its own. While Nokia has already denied that such a possibility was being looked it, sources seem to confirm that Nokia is at least considering the possibility.

4,200 Windows Phone 7 apps now available

Growing steadily, but still far behind iOS, Android

Several weeks into the Windows Phone 7 launch the number of available apps stands at 4,274, with an average of 104 new apps each day.

Although the numbers do appear to be growing steadily, it is worth noting that four thousand apps over the first two months really don't seem very impressive when compared to competing platforms.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Paramount rolls out Silverlight-enhanced movies for Windows Phone 7


Why simply download a movie when you can download a movie app? That's the thinking at Paramount, at least, which launched it's first Silverlight-enhanced movie app, School of Rock, for Windows Phone 7 devices this week.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Hits Verizon, Sprint in January

Sales haven't been great, but WP7's slow and methodical approach reminds one of Android

One underemphasized point during the launch of Microsoft's much ballyhooed Windows Phone 7 operating system was that it was only available at launch on two networks in the U.S. -- T-Mobile (America's fourth largest carrier) and AT&T (America's second largest carrier). Noticeably absent were WP7 offerings from Verizon (America's largest carrier) or Sprint (America's third largest carrier).

But the good news for prospective buyers is that according to, sources are confirming that WP7 will become available in January to Sprint and Verizon's 100 million+ customers.

Will Microsoft update Windows Phone 7 on a monthly basis?

Following the first update to Windows Phone 7 in January 2011 at CES, which will introduce copy and paste functionality, Microsoft is planning to unveil a second one the following month at the Mobile World Congress. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will hold a keynote at the event, marking one year after the company first unveiled the rebirth of its mobile operating system.

Microsoft's second update will be a significant one as it will introduce enhanced developer controls for applications. "The update includes some great new features for developers, Windows Phone 7 apps in 2011 will certainly become more interesting," according to an anonymous source quoted by Winrumors. Microsoft will reportedly open up several new APIs that will allow improved multitasking, in-app downloads, and better customization.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Devs Receive Copy/Paste at Last

Microsoft's post-holidays present to customers looks to be off to a fine start

Customers who have picked up a Windows Phone 7 device or are thinking of buying one may not have to wait much longer for copy/paste functionality. The company rolled out an update to developers implementing the feature.

It took Apple two years to implement copy/paste on its iPhone (the feature was first released in 2009 with the availability of iOS 3.0). Today, Apple's implementation is widely regarded as the gold standard, as it is accessible throughout the interface and relatively easy to use. Android, by contrast, has copy/paste, but it's not accessible in some parts of the interface (e.g. emails, messaging) and it's somewhat clunky.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Highlights from the Windows Phone Really rally road trip with Rob Dyrdek and Minka Kelly

Rob Dyrdek and Minka Kelly celebrated the launch of Windows Phone 7 on a cross-country trip. They started in New York, stopped in Chicago, Kansas, and Las Vegas, and ended at the Maroon 5 concert in San Francisco. They were on the look out to see if better phone design can help curb bad phone behavior.

New Windows Phone 7 Official Ad: Nightclub Really


Glance and Go with and Microsoft

Share has partnered with Microsoft to show Ellen fans that "seeing is better than searching". From now till December 24, 2010 is giving you a chance to win a Microsoft Windows Phone, all you have to do is see the word "FUN" on this page, click, and enter to win. Start seeing now!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

TV Network Content Coming to Microsoft Devices

There's talk that Microsoft may launch a TV service on the Xbox 360, however it's possible the service could expand to the PC and WP7 devices thanks to Silverlight.

Monday unnamed sources told Reuters that Microsoft was currently in talks with TV networks to create a new subscription-based TV service on the Xbox 360 gaming console. The new service would reportedly rival Apple TV, Google TV and even Netflix. Microsoft would even have the upper hand, as the required hardware for the supposed service already exists in millions of households nationwide.

Windows Phone 7 jailbreak pulled

Developers leant on by Microsoft

The creators of a jailbreak for Windows Phone 7 have pulled their creation after a stiffly worded letter from Microsoft ruined their day.

According to Ars Technica, ChevronWP7, was released last week. It was billed as a tool to allow development and installation of Windows Phone 7 applications on any phone, without having to go through the Microsoft approval process. As far as tools go, it was not well-received.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Windows Phone 7 gets Visual Basic support

ilverlight arrives

SMARTPHONE DEVELOPERS who fancy fumbling around with Visual Basic (VB) can now code Windows Phone 7 applications using the Microsoft Windows applications programming language.

Microsoft was full of good news for developers because alongside VB support, developers can code Silverlight applications within VB and submit them for Windows Phone Marketplace approval. Silverlight is the Vole's video format that has taken the web by storm, or rather, caused a storm on the web.

Microsoft reportedly planning Phone 7 update

Playing catch up

Microsoft is rumoured to be readying a major Windows Phone 7 update. While it might seem a bit odd to update a relatively fresh OS, it appears that WP7 simply isn’t doing too well against Android and iOS devices.

The update should include some form of multitasking, as well as copy/paste support. One might say that these crucial features should have been included from the get-go, but then again it’s a clear case of better late than never.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Windows Phone 7 gets jailbroken

Following the lead of IOS

SMARTPHONE SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Microsoft has joined Apple by having its locked down Windows Phone 7 (WP7) operating system jailbroken.

A clever trio of developers have managed to figure out a way to install applications without going to the Vole's WP7 Marketplace. The ability to load applications this way, known as sideloading, was previously only possible for those who had Marketplace developer accounts.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Microsoft claims it has 15,000 WP7 developers

Almost everyone who bought a phone

MOBILE ALSO-RAN Microsoft has announced it now has 15,000 developers creating applications for its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system (WP7), with around 3,000 applications available.

The Vole is trying to spin this as a good sign for WP7. Earlier this month it had 13,000 developers.

In other words Microsoft is telling us that since the launch WP7 it has had a 15 per cent increase in its developer community.

Konami: Android, WP7 ''Not Good'' for Games

Konami President, Shinji Hirano states WP7 and Android lack the proper app-store models to be successful in gaming

In an interview with CNN last week, Shinji Hirano discussed Konami's recent shift in strategy aimed to create simple games that can be played on mobile devices and websites for free.

Hopefully this is good news for us contra fans.

One of the strategies Hirano discussed was adding social networking features to its games in order to compete with other big game studios that are moving in that direction.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WP7 Prevents Hacks via ''Genuine Software''


It's like Windows Genuine Advantage, but on the phone.

ZoomWindows Phone Central reports that Microsoft has implemented a Genuine Software checker into Windows Phone 7, mimicking the company's nagging Genuine Advantage software found in Windows-based desktop and notebook PCs.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Windows Phone 7 to Hit Verizon During Holidays

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Back in September Verizon revealed that it wouldn’t be getting any Windows Phone 7 devices at all until the start of 2011. Though the reason we wouldn’t be seeing any Verizon handsets until next year was initially not known, it later emerged that Microsoft had elected to produce GSM-only WP7 devices until 2011.

"We had to make some trade-offs," product manager Greg Sullivan said in an interview with CNet at the time. "Even Microsoft doesn't have unlimited resources. We had to prioritize doing fewer things, really, really well."

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Mass Storage Mode Revealed

A simple registry edit turns your WP7 device into a USB drive.

MobileTechWorld has discovered that Windows Phone 7 can be used as a mass storage device. According to the site, there's no "hacking" involved, as the feature is native to Windows Phone 7 but turned off by default. Users simply need to alter the Windows registry on the PC to re-activate USB drive mode support.

Windows Phones Break Users' Memory Cards


Yes, memory cards are supported, but Microsoft's latest OS seems to have a host of bizarre restrictions

There was much speculation over whether Microsoft would support memory cards in its Windows Phone 7 lineup, following comments by its project leaders indicating that it might not. Well the phones finally hit the market last week and some models did have memory card support. But perhaps it would have been better if they didn't.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Final Thoughts: HTC Surround Review

Microsoft has learned a lot from Windows Mobile, and is dead set on not repeating history. Chief among those things is that differing experiences on every device running supposedly the same operating system results in chaos and confusion.

The result is that manufacturers making WP7 devices will differentiate their products in ways other than carrier skins. The HTC Surround is perhaps the best example of a manufacturer trying something different, placing a huge emphasis on sound. Given how much inspiration WP7 draws from Zune, it isn’t surprising. Like anything of course, the result is a trade-off; the Surround is thicker and heavier than the Samsung Focus, but doesn’t come with a keyboard like the LG Quantum.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Success Tied to a Million in Sales

Critics are already debating whether Windows Phone 7 is a flop, but the phone's true measure of success will be in how long it takes to sell one million units. It all started after reports that Microsoft's new handset platform sold just 40,000 units Monday, the first day of Phone 7 sales in the United States. The financial blog The Street reported the sales numbers after speaking with an anonymous market research source "who tracks phone sales."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Devices On Sale Today in U.S

New OS from Microsoft finally gets put to the ultimate test

Buy HTC Surround, HTC HD7, Samsung Focus and LG Quantum on

After months of speculation, a name change, a publicity stunt burying the iPhone and Blackberry, and an uncharacteristic press event held last month (followed by an unprecedented ad campaign that's been running since then), the cat is finally out of the bag today -- Windows Phone 7 devices are now officially available in the U.S.

Dell Staff Get Win Phone 7 to Ditch BlackBerrys

Microsoft made headlines back in July when it gave out over 90,000 Windows Phone 7 phones to its staff. Now it looks like Dell is taking a leaf out of Redmond's book while supporting its own product at the same time.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Dell has revealed plans to move its 25,000 employees over to its own line of smartphones, giving them all Windows Phone 7-equipped Venue Pros in exchange for handing in their BlackBerrys.

Microsoft allows developers on Windows Phone 7 marketplace

Late might not be better than never

SCRAMBLING SMARTPHONE OS VENDOR Microsoft has announced that it is opening Windows Phone 7 application submission to its apps store up to developers.

This means that anyone registered as a Windows Phone Marketplace developer will be able to submit applications for approval and ultimately end up with them on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. The late timing of this announcement comes as something of a shock, as many would have thought Microsoft might have established this facility some time before it launched its new smartphone operating system.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dell Prefers Windows Mobile 7 To Android

Easier to develop software

Microsoft's Windows Mobile 7 is easier to develop software for than Google's Android, according to Tin Box shifter, Michael Dell.

Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell, said that Dell had not got much experience with Android. While speaking at an event in Hong Kong, the Dell CEO said that according to feedback from developers, developing for Windows Phone 7 was less hassle than developing for Android.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Microsoft's 89,000 Employees To Receive Windows Phone 7 Handsets

"You're getting a phone... and YOU'RE getting a phone!"

Microsoft is just coming off a strong Q1 showing, having witnessed a 25 percent increase in revenue to $16.2 billion thanks to strong Windows 7, Office 2010 and Xbox 360 sales.

Since Microsoft wouldn't be in this position if it weren't for its hard-working employees who help to develop and market these products, it's giving a little back just in time for the holiday season.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Copy And Search In Windows Phone 7

While the Copy & Paste feature is not available in the original version of Windows Phone 7 that we've got now, some of you may have noticed that you can actually select text in Internet Explorer. What's that about? You can tap a single word and it becomes selected. Tapping and holding on the word doesn't do anything. It doesn't bring up a copy menu like you might expect. Well, guess what… after you select a word in IE, press the search button and that word will get copied into the Bing app and instantly perform a search for that word.

Report: HTC HD7 Does Allow microSD Card Swapping

Good news for HTC HD7 owners and potential owners, as contrary to yesterday's report, it now seems as if this Windows Mobile 7 device will indeed accept non-stock microSD cards. Arne Hess of the::unwired had originally tweeted that his pre-production unit would deliver an error message whenever the pre-installed 8GB card was swapped out for another model; now Hess is reporting that the initial rejection was actually due to improper seating of the card, and that by carefully resituating it in its housing he was able to get the operating system to read it.

Watching PowerPoint Broadcasts On Windows Phone 7

Another nice feature in Windows Phone 7 is how easily you can watch remote PowerPoint broadcasts from PowerPoint 2010. There's a new feature in PowerPoint 2010 that lets you broadcast a presentation from your desktop over the internet to anybody that you send a link to. Basically it uses the free Office Live service to set up a web connection to your local PowerPoint software where the slides are shown over the web while you control the slide progression on your computer. This can also be used with SharePoint 2010 if you don't want your PowerPoint slides going over the public internet.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pre-Order Your Windows Phone 7 Now!


Windows Phone 7 (phones) are now available for pre-orders.

  • HTC Surround Windows 7 Phone (AT&T)
  • Samsung Focus Windows 7 Phone (AT&T)
  • LG Quantum Windows 7 Phone (AT&T)
  • HTC HD7 Windows 7 Phone (T-Mobile)

Go Shop Online for more info...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Old Spice Guy Uses Win Phone 7 to Seduce DJ

So you're opting for the old 'sex sells' approach, eh Microsoft?

Isaiah Mustafa was a hit when he played Old Spice Guy for Old Spice's new TV commercials, but the former NFL player became an internet sensation when he spent hours in a studio in Oregon making personalized videos for hundreds of YouTube fans.

Round-Up: Windows Phone 7 Reviews

Apps are rough and no multi-tasking blows, but not a bad start from the new OS

With the U.S. launch of Windows Phone 7 devices just around the corner (November 8), early reviews of the new mobile OS from Microsoft (and the hardware it runs on) are starting to emerge. So far, it appears that the product has a real chance to carve out a nice little niche in the budding smartphone market, though there are a few early hiccups.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Windows Phone 7 Device Sold In New Zealand

As Microsoft prepares to launch Windows Phone 7 across Europe, lucky kiwis have got their hands on the devices.

The first Windows Phone 7 device has been sold today over in New Zealand. Lucky shopper Jourdan Templeton picked up the world's first Windows Phone 7 at a store in New Zealand. Shoppers across Europe and in the UK are anxiously waiting until tomorrow morning when devices go on sale at 7am.

Windows Phone 7 Reviews - Conclusion

The Windows Phone 7 Review: Final Words

If you’re looking for a feature replacement to an Android phone or Windows Mobile device, WP7 will disappoint. Windows Phone is more like the iPhone than it is anything else. If you don’t like the iPhone (for reasons other than an inherent dislike for Apple), you probably won’t like Windows Phone. If your sole reason is disdain for Apple, then pick up a Windows Phone.

MSFT Spending $1,000,000,000 On Kinect, WP7

We had heard something crazy about Microsoft being willing to spend billions on marketing Windows Phone 7 and apparently, WP7 isn't the only product Microsoft is willing to pour boatloads of cash into.

Along with the unveiling of its launch portfolio for Kinect, Microsoft is making the news today after it was revealed that the company will be spending a billion dollars on marketing Windows Phone 7 and Kinect. An article published in the New York Post yesterday said that Microsoft would be spending the same amount of money on Kinect that it afforded to the Xbox launch 10 years ago.

Monday, October 18, 2010

HTC HD2 Can Run Windows Phone 7

So much for Microsoft's rules

Microsoft's strict rules in regards to its new Windows 7 phone OS have already been bent to allow 1GHz HTC HD2 to run the beast.

According to a video we spotted here it looks like the hack makes a mockery of Redmond's spec for the operating system. Microsoft insists that its gear runs on minimum hardware requirements and one of the dafter ones is that it needs three buttons.

Windows Phone 7 Will Flop

Opinion: After all, it's Microsoft

THE CONVENTIONAL WISDOM in the IT industry press expresses cautious optimism about the prospects for Microsoft's latest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7 (WP7).

But I believe it's going to fall flat on its face, and I'll outline here three major reasons why I think so. I also suspect that there are some other factors that are going to work against WP7 too, but these are the main problems that I see now.

Microsoft Clarifies MicroSD To Be Available On Some Windows Phone 7 Models


Inclusion helps boost new platform past Apple in hardware

At its soft launch of Windows Phone 7 Microsoft unveiled what seems like a friendly, intuitive interface, and a solid hardware lineup of 9 smart phones from four different OEMs. However, the company has drawn criticism for its apparent lack of third-party multitasking support, and its lack of copy, cut, and paste.

HTC's Win Phone 7 Surround Is $550 Off-Contract


Ah, an alternative to spending the next two years married to AT&T.

There's been a lot of Windows Phone 7 talk this week, and a lot of the devices are priced around that same $199 price point that's proven to be the sweet-spot for smartphone purchasers.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hurray: Copy/Paste Coming To Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 launched just yesterday and we've already seen more demos and phones than we can shake a stick at. However, one thing that's noticeably absent from WP7 is copy/paste.

We've known that Windows Phone 7 would have no copy/paste for months. Microsoft revealed that right after the OS was unveiled at Mobile World Congress in March. Redmond has since tried to explain its absence by telling us concessions had to be made in order to stay on track, and has likened the omission to Sprint and Verizon not getting the phones until next year.

Apple Fanboy Praised Windows Phone 7

Fabric of the universe

Apple fanboy, actor and luvvie Stephen Fry has joined in the praise of Windows Phone 7.

Fry who is strangely seen as a technology bell weather is more often seen praising Apple gear. However surprisingly he has come out in favour of Microsoft's new phones.

Windows Phone 7 Pre-Orders Come With 3 Free Months Of Zune Pass

Stream unlimited music to your new WP7 device

Unless you spent all of yesterday in a coma, you've by now heard about the upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices, detailed here. And if you can't wait to get your hands on one of the new devices, then you'll probably pre-order a Windows Phone 7 device, right?

Microsoft's Cunning Xbox Live Plan Might Not Work

Not enough to sell Windows Phone 7

LAGGING MOBILE PLAYER Microsoft's cunning plan to offer its Xbox Live games service on Windows Phone 7 smartphones might not work, analysts have warned.

The Vole's partners unveiled their Windows Phone 7 handsets yesterday and one of the features was that they will connect to Xbox Live.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Round-up Of All The Windows Phone 7 Devices

It's been a mental morning but we promised to provide more information on all of the phones announced this morning and we're men (and woman) of our word. We'll update with pictures just as soon as we can.

Check available phones now at Shop Online!

Microsoft may have sent out a press release announcing that ten Windows Phone 7 phones would be available before the end of the year, but Redmond definitely skimped on the details. On hand to help us out with specs are the major phone manufacturers and carriers already sending out press releases detailing their Windows Phone 7 offerings.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Windows Phone 7 To Launch October 11

Good way to forget about Kin

Microsoft is planning a launch party for Windows Phone 7 on October 11, or next Monday.

The event will be held at Microsoft’s Technology Center in New York City and the outfit will also organize a raffle for the attending press. We’re not sure about the prizes, but there’s probably plenty of Kins to go around yet.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Price – Just 499 EUR


Yes, unexpectedly, the price is quite cheap. It might still be a rumor. But the revelation is from Microsoft Germany raffle.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Non-EFIGA Territories May Get WP7 Limitations

Windows Phone 7 features may be blocked in certain regions.

Consumers looking to get a Windows Phone 7-based device may find themselves locked out of specific features at launch.

According to recent reports, limitations may apply to consumers living in non-EFIGS markets--territories where English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish is not the default language. Apparently these five will be the initial launch languages for the new mobile OS, slated for an official reveal next month.

VIdeo Walkthrough Of MSFT's Windows Phone 7


A little tour of Windows Phone 7 on a Asus' Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

It seems rumors that Windows Phone 7 will launch on October 11 have kicked things off in the leaks department. We've gotten a peek at not one but two Windows Phone 7 devices in the last 24 hours and these aren't just blurry photos.

Report : Windows Phone 7 To Launch October 11


Microsoft will officially launch Windows Phone 7 products at a special launch event in New York City, according to a recent report. (Source: Dan Westergren/National Geographic)

Windows Phone brings with it an impressive new look, a strong array of hardware partners, and an equally solid lineup of release video game titles. (Source: Microsoft)

New OS offers a fresh reinvention of the smartphone

Despite its rough edges, Microsoft's new smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 7, is compelling in that it offers a fresh look. Much like Google's Android operating system broke from the mold of trying to clone Apple's iOS, Microsoft is offering a decidedly different look with its new smartphone OS.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Is Finally Officially Finished



Windows Phone 7 is finished. It's officially done and we couldn't be more excited, because despite the fact that Microsoft is still perfectly on time with development of its brand new OS, we feel like we've been waiting forever.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Windows Phone 7 – Released To Manufacturing

Today is the day that the Windows Phone team has been driving towards, and we’re very excited to say that we’ve reached the biggest milestone for our internal team – the release to manufacturing (RTM) of Windows Phone 7! While the final integration of Windows Phone 7 with our partners’ hardware, software, and networks is underway, the work of our internal engineering team is largely complete.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Microsoft Investing Billions In Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is hoping to give Windows Phone 7 the start it needs by pumping about a billion dollars into the launch.

Microsoft is investing a huge amount of time and effort in Windows Phone 7, that much is obvious. But it looks like the company is going to spend two boatloads of money on it too. Rumor has it, Redmond will be sinking at least half a billion dollars on Windows Phone 7 advertising along with payments to developers and handset manufacturers to ensure all is as it should be when the operating system launches.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Xbox Live Games Titles For Windows Phone 7 Listed!

The Games You Want, Played When and Wherever You Want Them

In a sea of games, apps, gadgets and gizmos, the biggest obstacle can be finding the game that’s right for you. Only Windows Phone 7 has a Games hub featuring Xbox LIVE, creating a different kind of mobile gaming experience that puts the games you want front and center. Xbox LIVE games on Windows Phone 7 will be specially selected from the top names in mobile, PC and console game development, making the best mobile games even better, thanks to Xbox LIVE.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Windows Phone 7 May Arrive In November


Microsoft COO Kevin Turner spilled the beans at a recent Windows Phone 7 presentation.

During a recent presentation of the Windows Phone 7 OS, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner actually revealed a specific timeframe for the device launch. This is the first time anyone from Microsoft has announced anything other than a Fall or Q4 timeframe.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Launch Partners Announced


At least five handsets will be available at launch

Though a specific launch date has not yet been announced, news surrounding Windows Phone 7 is beginning to increase. Last week, DailyTech reported handsets sporting beta versions of the upcoming OS made their rounds for developers and reviewers. More recently, Pocket-lintconfirmed Microsoft's launch partners for Windows Phone 7, including Dell, ASUS, LG, HTC, and Samsung.

Microsoft to Staff: Make WP7 Apps On Own Time


Microsoft's Andy Lees told employees to create Windows Phone 7 apps on their own free time.

Thursday we reported that Microsoft was handing out Windows Phone 7 devices to every employee. As Jane indicated, this would be an excellent way for Microsoft to iron out any bugs before the OS hits the streets later this year. and while that indeed may be the case, Microsoft apparently has other plans.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview - Developer Phone

Microsoft is sending out LG and Samsung developer phones loaded with the Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Windows Phone 7's October Release Casually Mentioned In Microsoft Ad Presentation

"I'm gonna ask rock star Kostas... to come on. And Kostas has brought with him Windows Phone 7, which we launch this October." So sayeth Microsoft VP for Marketing Mich Mathews in introducing GM of Live Labs' Kostas Mallios, who was at the Cannes Lions advertising conference to show off the advertising capabilities of the upcoming smartphone platform. Of course, last we heard, the official company line on WP7's release was "holiday 2010," so this would definitely narrow the launch window quite a bit, as well as corroborates earlier Telstra roadmap leaks.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Does Remote Erase, Location

Tuesday Microsoft unveiled the Windows Phone Live companion site for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 device. It will supposedly be a one-stop hub for everything the user needs, whether its to see published images, check email, exchange OneNote files, check their Windows Live calendar, and more. All files will be synchronized between the web, PC, and the handheld.

Windows Phone 7 Will Have Skydrive

Expect it for the holiday season

THIS COMING HOLIDAY SEASON, or late November and December if you will, Microsoft will debut its Windows Phone 7 worldwide in a manner that it no doubt hopes will be more successful than its slate and Kin handset efforts.

Intuit Partner Platform Delivers Windows Phone 7 SDK

I am pleased to announce that Intuit is developing an SDK for Windows Phone 7, making it easier for developers to write Windows Phone 7 applications that interface with the Intuit Partner Platform's cloud services for businesses, including QuickBooks. This enables business professionals to access key data from a variety of Windows Phone 7 devices and easily view their cloud data hosted in Windows Azure.

Windows Phone 7 Preview Phones Coming July 19


Developers, start your engines.

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 in February, and set a release for 'the holidays.' We've since learned that the first WP7 handsets could hit sometime in the fall, possibly September. With so long to go until we see devices running the software on the market, Microsoft is keeping things moving with the release of Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta.

Monday, July 5, 2010

HTC's HD3 With Windows Phone 7 Specs 'Leaked'


Specs have supposedly leaked surrounding a meaty Windows Phone 7 device from HTC.

In unrelated news, Google recently debunked reports surrounding the upcoming hardware requirements for Android v3.0 (aka Gingerbread), insinuating that the info was fake. With that said, Friday's supposed leaked specs of HTC's Windows Phone 7-based HD3 "superphone" may be debunked just as easily by HTC.

Windows Phone 7 Is Xbox Live Arcade Ready


Porting Xbox Live Arcade games to Windows Phone 7 may be as simple as adding four lines of code.

Consumers looking forward to the new Windows Phone 7 will be in for a treat when it finally hits the market. According to Oded Ran, head of Consumer Marketing for Windows Phone, all games loaded on Xbox Live Arcade may be playable on the mobile OS. That's over 300 titles including Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Marathon, Portal: Still Alive, Serious Sam HD, and more.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Launch Confirmed For October

In an event at the Cannes Lions advertising conference Microsoft have apparently confirmed an October launch date for the first handsets featuring their new smart phone OS.

In a video posted on YouTube, Mich Mathews, the VP for Marketing at the company, confirmed the October launch.

This merely confirms what many have speculated for some time now but October is a favoured month for Microsoft, Windows 7 launched on October 22nd last year, as it’s a good time for the company to have goods in retail outlets ready for the Christmas holiday season.

MS Sees Windows Phone 7 As An 'Ad-Serving Machine'

Windows Phone 7 will launch in October, and will be designed, at least in part, as an "ad-serving machine." That's the word leaked from a video report now on YouTube, in which several Microsoft executives talk about upcoming plans.

In the video, General Manager for Strategy and Business Development Kostas Mallios emphasized that Phone 7 will be designed and able to serve ads and maintain a brand experience, with tiles near applications and a sliding box pushing ads and brand-related content to users.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Microsoft Pushes Windows Phone 7 To App Writers

LAGGING MOBILE PHONE OS vendor Microsoft has made a late pitch to app developers that Windows Phone 7 Series will be the mobile platform to go for rather than the Iphone OS or Android.

Alex Reeve, director of mobile at Microsoft, recognised that the company has had "challenges" in the mobile industry, or in other words, it hasn't done very well.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Microsoft Gives Dirty Apps A Spanking, Bans Them From Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 bans porn, suggestive content, and racy text

Apple's CEO Steve Jobs has recently led a crusade against pornography on the iPhone and iPod touch. Emboldened perhaps by the vocal cries of family advocacy groups, Jobs engaged in a 2 a.m. flame war with a news editor arguing that he is offering the world "freedom from porn." Jobs has dismissed Google's Android handsets as dirty "porn phones."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pressure Is On For Microsoft And Windows Phone 7


Before the WWDC 2010 keynote began, my colleague CNET News reporter Ina Fried sent out the following tweet, "My question for #wwdc, How much tougher is life about to get today for the Windows Phone 7 team?"

Windows Phone 7 Tablet Concept Seen


Freelance designer Umang Dokey has released images and a video of a tablet concept running the Windows Phone 7 Series OS. The concept has an 8” capacitive touch screen, joysticks on the back for navigation and gaming, a couple of webcams for “3D” videoconferencing and a funky fold-out stand at the back that doubles as a keyboard when folded forward.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Should Rule Business Smartphones

Microsoft shook things up this week with some high-profile departures, and a reorganization of the Entertainment and Devices division that has CEO Steve Ballmer directly controlling the future of Microsoft's consumer technologies. When it comes to smartphones, Windows Phone 7 should arguably be the de facto platform for business professionals, but Microsoft may be delivering too little, too late.

Microsoft Has No Plans To Put Windows Phone 7 On A Tablet

Despite mock-ups from enthusiasts of how the new Windows Phone 7 series operating system could look like on a tablet device, Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer has now announced at an event in Singapore…

We’re focused on putting Windows Phone 7 in phones, no plans for tablets.

In the very brief announcement hopes may well be scuppered for lots of fans who were anticipating a tablet version of the OS to compete with Android and WebOS.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Details Leaked

Microsoft will own your phone

PERENNIAL MOBILE ALSO-RAN Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series specifications have been splayed all over the Internet.

Dutch website got hold of documents about the architectural details underpinning the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Series Gets A Slight Name Change

Microsoft listens to the critics

When Microsoft announced its new mobile OS in February, it was called Windows Phone 7 Series. Most everyone raved about the new OS, but its name got a lot of flak.

Many complained that it was an overly wordy and complex name that didn't exactly roll off the tongue. Others joked that BMW might take offense over the 7 Series moniker which is used for its flagship luxury sedan.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Windows Phone May Be Making a Comeback

Developers’ interest in Microsoft’s Windows Phone software for smartphone has risen sharply, since the Redmond giant introduced a new version of the mobile operating system on Feb. 15, according to new survey data from Appcelerator, which offers tools that help programmers create apps.

iPhone SDK vs Windows Phone 7 Series SDK Challenge

In this series, I will be taking sample applications from the iPhone SDK and implementing them on Windows Phone 7 Series. My goal is to do as much of an “apples-to-apples” comparison as I can. This series will be written to not only compare and contrast how easy or difficult it is to complete tasks on either platform, how many lines of code, etc., but I’d also like it to be a way for iPhone developers to either get started on Windows Phone 7 Series development, or for developers in general to learn the platform.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

VIDEO: Windows Phone 7 Ported To HTC HD2

Will the HD2 be the first Windows Phone 7 device?

When Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 at the Mobile World Congress last month, everyone was surprised to learn that the HTC HD2 would not be getting the new OS once it launched. The HTC HD2 was instead going to remain a Windows Mobile 6.5 device, which in turn raised the question of who would buy the phone now that they knew it would be out of date by the fall?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Won't Support Multitasking


Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series shares one trait in common with Apple’s iPhone: It doesn’t support full multitasking.

While the iPhone does allow some limited multitasking (the phone and iPod apps can run in the background) many critics have knocked the iPhone for its inability to run third-party apps in the background.

Windows Phone 7 Will Stream Netflix

Thanks to Silverlight, Windows 7 Phone owners will get to stream new movies on the go.

Microsoft on Monday revealed a plethora of details surrounding the upcoming Windows Phone 7. Although the company issued a formal press release highlighting the device's features, Microsoft presented a "big reveal" during the MIX10 conference. One of the big surprises was the phone's ability to stream Netflix movies.

Microsoft Offers Free Dev Kit for Win Phone 7

Microsoft now provides trial versions of various tools for Windows Phone 7 app development

Monday Microsoft made a big splash when it announced that it's now offering free tools for Windows Phone 7 developers. The "kit" includes preview (test) versions of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, an add-on to use with Visual Studio 2010 RC, XNA Game Studio 4.0, and an emulator for application testing.

Copy/Paste May Not Initially Be Available For Windows Phone 7 Series

Microsoft drops another bombshell at MIX10

Two steps forward, one step back. That seems to be an emerging trend for Microsoft's upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series platform. The snazzy user interface, support for the XNA Framework/Silverlight/Adobe Flash 10.1, Windows Phone Marketplace, and plentiful device manufacturers to choose from are certainly pleasing to potential buyers. However, we're starting to learn a little bit more about the platform at MIX10 and it isn't all rosy.

Windows Phone 7 Series Shacks Up With AMD, Will Bring 480x800 Xbox Live Titles


New device prepares to take on the iPhone for mobile gaming's crown

Mobile gaming was long dominated by Nintendo with Sony coming in a distant second. That was until Apple stormed onto the scene with its iPhone and stole the show. Today the iPhone is arguably mobile gaming's most influential platform.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Microsoft Shows Off XNA Games Running On Windows Phone, Full 3D Is A Go


Alright, we're going to be straight with you: you're not going to like this. See, Microsoft just showed us a pair of 3D games running on its ASUS Windows Phone prototype and built with its brand new XNA Game Studio 4.0, but wouldn't let us nab a single photo or video of the process. What we can tell you is that they exist, they work, and at least Microsoft tossed us some screenshots to wave in your face.

Microsoft Bringing XNA Game Studio 4.0 To GDC This Week, Does 3D Gaming For Windows Phone


We've all had a feeling that Microsoft is holding back some pretty big surprises (or at least completely reasonable revelations) when it comes to Windows Phone 7 Series and gaming, and here at GDC this week it sounds like we're going to get a little glimpse into that. Microsoft is unveiling its new XNA Game Studio 4.0, which lets developers work on games for Windows Phone 7 Series, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

Windows Phone 7 Interface: Microsoft Has Out-Appled Apple

I'm sorry, Cupertino, but Microsoft has nailed it. Windows Phone 7 feels like an iPhone from the future. The UI has the simplicity and elegance of Apple's industrial design, while the iPhone's UI still feels like a colorized Palm Pilot.

That doesn't mean that the Windows Phone 7's user experience would be better than Apple's.

The Three Variants Of Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has confirmed it stance to keep the future Windows Phone 7 Series devices as streamlined and uniformed as possible. In layman terms, this means future devices will sport similar specifications. But a recent podcast has revealed that there will still be three distinctive variants that supports Windows Phone 7 Series. The first of which is the commonly known large touchsreen devices with at least a 1GHz processor. The second would be the usual devices with a QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen device. The mysterious third variant, however, hasn't been revealed.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No Upgrade Path From Mob Win 6 to 7

Windows Mobile 6 users will be unhappy

With all of the new razzle dazzle that is Windows Phone 7, it is likely that many Windows Mobile 6 users have been licking their chops at the prospect of being able to upgrade to Windows Phone 7 when it is released. Well, don’t get too excited, because word is that Microsoft has decided there will be no upgrade path when the new version of the OS is released.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Microsoft Anoints AT&T As Preferred Windows Phone 7 Carrier

One of the most interesting things about the unveiling of the new Windows Phone 7 platform by Microsoft at the World Mobile Conference was the announcement that AT&T will be Microsoft's "premier partner" in the United States. As much flack as AT&T takes from customers and media, it is still the "chosen one" for premier smartphone platforms.

Windows Phone 7 To Drop Multitasking?

Windows Phone 7 may be deliberate step backwards

Microsoft may consciously limit Windows Phone 7 in its attempt to compete against Apple, a leak sent out today claims. Echoing some previous reports, a source says WP7 will have a Zune-like interface at many levels but goes on to say this will extend to the underlying framework as well. It would drop multitasking and instead pause apps, using an iPhone-like push notification system to handle new updates.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Series : Life In Motion

Windows phone 7 series : Life In Motion Promo ad from MWC 2010

Microsoft Debuts Windows Phone 7 Series

BARCELONA (02/15/2010) - Microsoft fired its latest shot on Monday against competitors like Apple and Google in the battle for the cell phone software market. Windows Phone 7 Series, unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will be on phones by the end of the year and is a complete rewrite of the Windows Mobile operating system.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Features And Screenshots


Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Features

Phone, SMS, Calendar, Email, Internet Explorer, Pictures, Games, Music + Video, Office.

Bing search + maps.

"Metro" UI design.

Microsoft App Store / Marketplace.

Xbox Live and social networking.

Silverlight, XNA, and .NET compact frameworks.

Device Minimum Feature: Qualcomm SoC, WVGA Screen, 4 point capacitive multitouch digitizer, 3 Buttons (Windows Start, Search, and Back), 5 Megapixel Camera (assumably rear-facing), FM Radio, AGPS and Accelerometer, WiFi.