Monday, September 5, 2011

T-Mobile Samsung Omnia 7 I8700XXKH2 ROM


SamFirmware has released two unofficial ROMs for the Samsung Omnia 7, one for NoDo and the other for Mango. Check out the listed known features in this post for more info and remember that you flash your Windows Phone at your own risk.

Firmware: I8700XXKD1. (NoDo)
Filesize: 196+/- MB (.rar file)
XX = Europe
K = 2011
D = April
1 = Version
Firmware: I8700XXKH2. (Mango)
Filesize: 355+/- MB (.rar file)
XX = Europe
K = 2011
H = August
2 = Version

MobileTechWorld has since posted some features found in the ROM, found below:

- Updated camera driver: Touch-focus now works (instead of simply touch-to-capture), Bing Vision no longer looses focus and correctly adjusts the white balance in low light environments.
- Updated Motion Sensors driver: Digital Compass is now faster and more accurate. The accelerator is also faster when switching orientation in Internet Explorer.
- Updated Radio software: WiFi and Cellular data transfers appear to be faster.
- The hidden WiFi Network feature is now available.
- Bing Music is now faster and more accurate.

You can download the ROMs from SamFirmware.



  1. Thanks for sharing ROMs from SamFirmware link with us. This link is very useful for us.