Friday, March 12, 2010

The Three Variants Of Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has confirmed it stance to keep the future Windows Phone 7 Series devices as streamlined and uniformed as possible. In layman terms, this means future devices will sport similar specifications. But a recent podcast has revealed that there will still be three distinctive variants that supports Windows Phone 7 Series. The first of which is the commonly known large touchsreen devices with at least a 1GHz processor. The second would be the usual devices with a QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen device. The mysterious third variant, however, hasn't been revealed.

Gizmodo - Chassis 1 is the phone we all saw on launch day—a huge touchscreen with a minimum 1GHz processor (read: Snapdragon) and a dedicated GPU, along with all of the other requirements we've talked about. They'll be the first out of the gate. Chassis 2 is the keyboard variant, with sliding keyboards and touchscreens, which are apparently more Palm Treo-like. What Chassis 3 is like is still a mystery, though.

Microsoft did confirm that there is still a degree of customization available for both manufacturers and consumers when Windows Phone 7 Series rolls out. As it is, most Windows Mobile devices do stick to a specific set of specifications, but with this new regulation for Windows Phone 7 Series, we can expect a more streamlined experience for users who swap their Windows Phone 7 Series devices quite often.


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