Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Will Stream Netflix

Thanks to Silverlight, Windows 7 Phone owners will get to stream new movies on the go.

Microsoft on Monday revealed a plethora of details surrounding the upcoming Windows Phone 7. Although the company issued a formal press release highlighting the device's features, Microsoft presented a "big reveal" during the MIX10 conference. One of the big surprises was the phone's ability to stream Netflix movies.

The San Francisco Chronicle was at the scene and reports that Vertigo Software CEO Scott Stanfield went on stage to give the audience a demonstration of the prototype-- Stanfield is working with Netflix to develop the app for Windows Phone 7. The first example shown was a streaming feed of the TV show "Rescue Me."

Stanfield then told the audience that the app will include a list of new releases while also providing recommendations under the "Movies You'll Love" category. He added that once a movie has ended, it will appear in the recently viewed menu of the phone's Music and Video hub.

Netflix currently uses Microsoft's Silverlight technology to stream its "Watch Instantly" movies. Microsoft briefly mentioned the company yesterday while boasting the adoption of Silverlight by companies such as eBay Inc., BBC, Major League Soccer, and more.

"Silverlight adoption has continued at a rapid pace with installations approaching 60 percent of all Internet devices worldwide," Microsoft said.


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