Monday, April 5, 2010

Windows Phone May Be Making a Comeback

Developers’ interest in Microsoft’s Windows Phone software for smartphone has risen sharply, since the Redmond giant introduced a new version of the mobile operating system on Feb. 15, according to new survey data from Appcelerator, which offers tools that help programmers create apps.

Between January and March, developers’ interest in creating games, calendars and other applications for Windows Phone has nearly tripled from 13% to 34%, according to Appcelerator’s survey of more than 1,000 developers that was released on March 31. Another major gainer: the BlackBerry, which has seen a doubling of developer interest in the same period, to 43%.

Google’s Android was another big gainer. In March, 81% of developers were interested in developing apps for Android-based phones such as Motorola Droid, up from 68% in January. That means that there’s nearly as much interest in creating apps for Android now as for the iPhone: Some 87% of developers say they are very interested in creating apps for the Apple device, according to Appcelerator.

Who is losing developers’ interest? Palm and current smartphone operating system market leader, Symbian. Only 16% of developers are interested in creating apps for the Symbian software. Developers’ interest in the iPad also dropped from 90% in January to 80% in March.


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