Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Windows Phone Marketplace hits 9,000--right on schedule


Time for our usual punch-in-the-arm reminder that growth in the Marketplace is a steady as a ninja's hand, hitting the 9,000 mark today. Like clockwork, the addition of 1,000 new apps and games comes exactly two-weeks after the last mini-milestone.

We noted in early January that if the trend keeps up, the Marketplace will hit 10,000 by mid-March. We're now certain that will happen. The big question we have is will the 500 per week number ever increase? (Oh, regarding the image...it's a silly 4Chan meme. 'Aww Yeah Guy' will be back in two weeks)

Source: wpcentral.com

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  1. VEGETA!! VEGETA!! VEGETA!! VEGETA!! VEGETA!!.....hey Vegeta? Whats up? ITS OVER 9 *bleep* THOUSAND!!!!!!