Saturday, July 2, 2011

HTC Eternity size compared to other Windows Phones


The HTC Eternity (specs here), if real, would be the largest Windows Phone 7 handset to date, with a massive 4.7 inch Super-LCD screen.

Of course the question arises if this device will even be pocketable and how it compares to existing devices.

From this to-scale picture, one can see that the main effect is that the handset will be significantly taller than existing devices, and that it is only slight wider than the HTC HD7. The handset is also as slim as the Samsung Focus, which should ameliorate somewhat the size.

Interestingly the HTC HD7’s screen is closer to being "’border to border’, likely due to the front facing camera at the top right corner of the HTC Eternity.

What do our readers think? Is the price in bulk made up for by the massive screen and great specs? Let us know below.


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