Saturday, July 23, 2011

Optimus 7, Omnia 7, Mozart Getting WP7 Device-Specific Updates


Early this morning, we told you about how the Samsung Focus was finally getting all its software brought up-to-date, with the release of pre-NoDo, NoDo, and the subsequent security patch for version 1.4 of its hardware. At the time, Microsoft also mentioned some other phone-specific updates that were in the works, but didn't have much in the way of details to share. Now we've learned a little more about what models can expect to see new code on the way.

So far, updates have been spotted coming to the HTC Mozart, LG Optimus 7 and Samsung Omnia 7. None of these claim to be adding any new features to the phone (you'll just have to wait for Mango), but instead contain enhancements targeted at making touch navigation smoother, increasing battery life, and cleaning-up call quality – that sort of thing. Not all of these smartphones will receive updates covering all bases, but you get the sense of the type of changes we're talking about.

Users in Europe, if you've got one of these Windows Phone 7 devices, be on the lookout for your update.


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