Thursday, October 13, 2011

Garmin demos upcoming MobileNavigator for iOS and Android, latest Windows Phone app (video)


So, get this. We were cruising through the halls of Pepcom's Mobile Focus with a horrible fever and on the brink of delirium. Unsure how much longer we could keep composure, we came upon Navigon's booth. In addition to displaying its brand new Windows Phone application, the company was also showing off its upcoming releases of MobileNavigator for Android and iOS. Fortunately, Navigon's Public Relations Manager, Johan-Till Broer, was kind enough to give us a demo of each app. Among the new features, users will be able to select individual states for local map storage, which goes a long way toward freeing up space. Additionally, there's also a driving mode called Cockpit, which allows leadfoots to check their speed and acceleration over the last 30 minutes. The app updates will be free to all existing users, although if you want to load up new maps, that'll be a one-time fee. We're told to expect these latest gems in a couple of months. As for the Windows Phone version, it sells for $50, although is currently available for $30 -- at special introductory pricing.


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