Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Microsoft Pushes Windows Phone 7 To App Writers

LAGGING MOBILE PHONE OS vendor Microsoft has made a late pitch to app developers that Windows Phone 7 Series will be the mobile platform to go for rather than the Iphone OS or Android.

Alex Reeve, director of mobile at Microsoft, recognised that the company has had "challenges" in the mobile industry, or in other words, it hasn't done very well.

Microsoft is "fully of aware of that", he said, but he claimed that a "new dawn was coming". Reeve referred to how 18 months ago the company changed everything that it is doing in mobile such as the US management team and a new level of investment, culminating in Windows Phone 7.

Speaking directly to a London audience of app developers who are more used to building Iphone and Android apps he said, "You're here because Microsoft is back in the mobile industry."

"We intend to be back with a bang and we intend to be successful in the mobile industry. This is enormously important to Microsoft."

Reeve claimed that Windows Phone 7, expected this side of Christmas, is going to be a "boost" to a stagnant mobile industry where all the innovation has come with apps rather than the platform.

He said that the system will be less about separate apps, and more about trying to tie them all together in a user-friendly way.

"What we're bringing to the party is a step forward - next generation," burbled Reeve. "It's a product that's going to take things forward in the industry."

In terms of a Microsoft app store marketplace, developers will be able to work with Silverlight and XNA, an Xbox development tool.

Windows Phone 7 does look impressive, but its late entry to a market already saturated by the Iphone and Android devices means that it's got plenty of work to do and its success is in doubt.

Source: theinquirer.net

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