Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Microsoft Has No Plans To Put Windows Phone 7 On A Tablet

Despite mock-ups from enthusiasts of how the new Windows Phone 7 series operating system could look like on a tablet device, Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer has now announced at an event in Singapore…

We’re focused on putting Windows Phone 7 in phones, no plans for tablets.

In the very brief announcement hopes may well be scuppered for lots of fans who were anticipating a tablet version of the OS to compete with Android and WebOS.

Microsoft are clearly, and very sensibly, focused on getting the smart phone experience right, and with the first Windows Phone 7 handsets due out in Q4 this year there’s still a lot of work to do.

This announcement doesn’t mean that Microsoft will never put the Windows Phone 7 OS on a tablet, just that it’s not what they’re working on at the moment. Once the first generation of phones is out of the door the company will probably look at the feasibility of such a move and decide then.

So what does this mean for tablets? At the moment the OS of choice appears to be Android which is a capable OS but possibly not as well suited to the tablet form factor as iPhone OS of WebOS.

There are still rumours of WebOS seeing it’s first tablet outing on a possible Slate device from HP later this year after their acquisition of Palm is complete. Whether the company will then licence WebOS for other devices from other manufacturers is anybody’s guess at this point, however if the company sees the operating system as a strong competitor against the iPad and Android, they will probably consider it.

What’s different about this current situation is with the world economy still struggling, many companies are playing their cards close to their chests. At the height of the boom Ballmer may well have come out and boomed that he sees Windows Phone 7 OS on every device including your refrigerator.

Source: windows7news.com

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