Thursday, November 25, 2010

Microsoft claims it has 15,000 WP7 developers

Almost everyone who bought a phone

MOBILE ALSO-RAN Microsoft has announced it now has 15,000 developers creating applications for its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system (WP7), with around 3,000 applications available.

The Vole is trying to spin this as a good sign for WP7. Earlier this month it had 13,000 developers.

In other words Microsoft is telling us that since the launch WP7 it has had a 15 per cent increase in its developer community.

Microsoft certainly needs to do something quickly. It is going up against Apple's App Store that has around 300,000 apps and the Android Marketplace, which has about 100,000.

The Vole's number one advantage is that WP7 can connect with Microsoft's Xbox Live online gaming service. There are 25 million Xbox Live users, and Microsoft hopes to make Windows Phone 7 the weapon of choice for mobile gamers.

Its only other selling point is the ability to view Office documents, but even that's not exclusive to WP7.

This means that Vole needs to draft in as many developers as it can.

Meanwhile Microsoft is offering developers a free HTC mobile phone, sort of. If they buy one, they get another free. It does have the advantage of increasing the numbers of Windows Phone 7 licences out there. ยต



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