Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Windows Phone 7 gets Visual Basic support

ilverlight arrives

SMARTPHONE DEVELOPERS who fancy fumbling around with Visual Basic (VB) can now code Windows Phone 7 applications using the Microsoft Windows applications programming language.

Microsoft was full of good news for developers because alongside VB support, developers can code Silverlight applications within VB and submit them for Windows Phone Marketplace approval. Silverlight is the Vole's video format that has taken the web by storm, or rather, caused a storm on the web.

As this is Microsoft there are a few catches. The VB addon for Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools requires Visual Studio 2010 Professional or higher. Visual Studio 2010 Express - that's the free version - is not supported, so get your wallet out or try to get into a Microsoft developer event, where the Vole often gives away Visual Studio for free.

Aside from the integrated development environment, this release is for Silverlight projects only and does not support Microsoft's own XNA framework. However the VB team says it has beefed up the sample VB code for Windows Phone 7, which should make things a little easier for those waiting to take the plunge.

Source: theinquirer.net

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