Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Surpasses 5,000 Apps Mark


Just a bit over two months from its worldwide release and a bit under two months from the U.S. launch, Windows Phone 7 has crossed the 5,000 available Marketplace applications mark.

Various indexing sites report various numbers but MarketplaceBrowser is currently keeping track of 5,122 applications while WP7AppList averages the addition of 112 applications added daily. While this is a long way from Android and iOS, it surely is a good start proving Microsoft's and developers' commitment and dedication to the platform and its users. And of course, this proves again that Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is larger than Android's Market was at launch. Now it all depends on how the platform will develop, how Microsoft will support it and how the user pool will shift, attracting (or on the contrary) developers to raise the number of average monthly new applications added.


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