Wednesday, May 11, 2011

AT&T: WP7 Doing Fine, HTC HD7S Last WP7 Device Before Mango


Jeff Bradley, senior vice president of mobile devices at AT&T, recently acted confident and said Windows Phone 7 was "doing fine" on the carrier while talking about future plans for Android and Windows Phone smartphones.

The HTC HD7S AT&T introduced at the end of March will be arriving soon to the carrier's line-up, joining the HTC Surround, Samsung Focus and LG Quantum.

"Mango will be the next event. With the timing of when came out and the timing of Mango, it didn't leave a natural period in between when we could introduce an interim round of devices. We're working very, very actively with the ecosystem and Microsoft", said Bradley. The HTC HD7S will be the last Windows Phone 7 device AT&T will introduce before Mango but it already proved to be the Premier Carrier for Redmond-powered smartphones -- with four devices in their line-up -- and expect nothing less once Mango hits.


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