Friday, May 20, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Mango to Offer Linked Inbox Option


Neowin has found a leaked screenshot of a new feature we haven't heard about yet, that's supposedly (and hopefully) going to appear in this fall's "Mango" update to Windows Phone 7. There's a lot of people who like the "unified inbox" feature on other phones and email clients where you can see all email inboxes from all accounts that you've set up. There's also a lot of people that do not like that. It seems Microsoft has one-upped the unified inbox feature with a "linked inbox" feature which we assume would allow you to actually specify which email accounts you want to see mixed together. This sounds like a great idea since I personally have some email accounts set up on my phone, which I hardly ever care to look at, but maybe there's a couple that would be great to sort through both at the same time. Of course it would appear that you'll be able to pin whatever set of linked inboxes you create to the Start menu, but if you prefer you can still pin individual inboxes or eventually even individual email folders.

You'll also see a minor change to the People Hub live tile. Instead of an animated grid of tiny little contact pictures, it looks like it may animate in a mosaic style between larger full contact photos, small contact photos, and medium-sized contact photos.


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