Saturday, May 28, 2011

Microsoft NL About WP7 Mango Coming Mid-October, Dual-Cores


Maarten Sonneveld, aka "Mr. Windows Phone, Microsoft Netherlands' Mobile Communications Business Group Lead", has talked to NieuweMobiel about Windows Phone 7 Mango, among other things.

According to Sonneveld, the next big platform refresh out of Redmond's labs, can be expected to hit roughly around mid-October, which is kind of a bit off from Microsoft's press release telling us about "early autumn". Dutch language support will be included in the menus, software input (and autocorrection) but not for voice recognition -- as in Dictation support.

Talking about Nokia, Sonneveld couldn't (wouldn't) give out details regarding Espoo's independence with Windows Phone but expressed his concern about fragmentation -- which Microsoft will counter with frequent updates. While Nokia is also focusing on cheap Redmond-powered smartphones, Mr. Windows Phone is glad ZTE is on board bringing cheap handsets to the market, making Windows Phone accessible and popular.

Hardware-wise, Microsoft should look to the future and consider dual-core processors as well as simpler hardware, according to Sonneveld. For the moment though, there are hardware requirements set out which manufacturers should obey in order to become Windows Phone OEMs.


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