Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Microsoft Will Hand Out Windows Phone Mango Developer Devices


Remember the Samsung Taylor, LG Panther and Asus E600? They were all developer devices for Windows Phone Microsoft handed out to devs in order to test their applications on real smartphones. It appears that Microsoft is preparing a similar move with Windows Phone 7 Mango.

According to The Windows Phone Developer Team, "just like last year, when we made developer phones available with the Windows Phone 7 OS, we plan to have developer phones this summer supporting new Mango features like the gyroscope. We don't have any dates to share just yet, so stay tuned". Current developer devices will not be updated to Mango apparently but instead new ones will be handed out.

Since we've seen so many demonstrations of Mango on the HTC Trophy-like Windows Phone, the twelve-megapixel HTC Mazaa, our guess is that it will be a developer device Redmond will hand out (with or without others to join the developer device status).

Source: pocketnow.com

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