Sunday, June 26, 2011

Twin Blades Updated, Returns to Windows Phone


One of the early Xbox Live games to make it to Windows Phone was actually removed from the Marketplace due to its violent nature. "Twin Blades" was never removed from the iPhone App Store even though the Windows Phone version is basically the same game. I've had the original game on my Windows Phone for a while and have been very careful not to do any hard resets since that would mean losing the game. Today, I was suprised to see an update for my Twin Blades that I had bought so long ago. It would appear that the update has made some changes that should hopefully reverse the mature content rating that caused it to get pulled in the first place. The change is actually very minor. Instead of red blood being splattered on the screen from all the zombies you have to kill, the color of the blood has been changed to green. The game has not returned to the Marketplace just yet, but we hope to see it soon if this change is accepted.

UPDATE: Twin Blades is back in the Marketplace! It's available for $2.99 and you should be able to download it here.


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  1. Can't get the game to run on the mango beta. Really wanna try it tho.