Friday, June 3, 2011

Nokia Has A Working WP7 Prototype; CEO Elop Carries One On Him


We've heard that Nokia has two Windows Phone 7 smartphones in the works: one standard slate and one with a hardware keyboard. With plans to get them out to customers by the end of the year, we'd expect the deadline to be putting extra pressure on the company's engineers, already having to adapt to developing hardware for an unfamiliar platform. Apparently they're taking to the challenge like fish to water, already churning out a working model that's become a daily-carry phone for CEO Stephen Elop.

Elop mentioned his personal WP7 handset in an interview with Businessweek, saying, "I've got a working Windows Phone in my pocket now, and it's been less than three months since we began working with Microsoft. We're moving at a speed that's faster than Nokia has ever moved before."

The smartphone may have come up again when Elop sat down for another interview at the D9 conference. He remarked that he likes to carry "all forms of innovative hardware at all times" before pulling out a phone to share a glimpse of with the crowd. This time he didn't name the handset specifically as one of the WP7 models Nokia is working on, but a man only has so many pockets - there's a decent chance this was the model Elop spoke to BW about, especially considering his unwillingness to give anyone a better look at it.

There's still months and months to go before we'll see Nokia's Windows Phone creations arrive at carriers, but it's reassuring to see that this first attempt at working with the OS seems to be well on it way.


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