Thursday, January 13, 2011

Microsoft Revealing Internet Explorer Mobile Plans "Very Soon"


It seems all but certain that Microsoft will be bringing HTML5 to Windows Phone 7, but the question on our impatient mind is "when?". Internet Explorer 9 on the PC already has support for the internet standard, but it hasn't made the way over to Microsoft's mobile platform yet. It may not be much longer before we get our answer, as Microsoft has stated that it plans on discussing the evolution of its mobile browser in the near future.

Responding to audience questions at the CES, Microsoft's Dean Hachamovitch was asked about plans to take these new features - like HTML5 - from the desktop version of IE and bring them to WP7 users. While Hachamovitch wasn't ready to reveal any particular plans, he stated "…we will be talking more about our mobile browser very soon…".

This isn't just about HTML5 and web standards, but that promises to be one of the most meaningful components of the features that are hopefully destined for WP7. Especially if we want to see more cross-platform development of web apps, rather than crafting versions specific to each smartphone OS, all the big players are going to have to get on board with compatible browsers.

It's just a rumor, but the eventual WP7 update that includes HTML5 may be named Mango. In addition to HTML5, it's also projected to add Silverlight support.


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