Monday, January 3, 2011

NES emulator lands on Windows Phone 7, barred from the Marketplace


It's an important time in any young OS's life: NES emulation. Windows Phone 7 has just passed this important puberic milestone, thanks to the hard work of Matt Bettcher. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't seem to recognize the significance, and is keeping the emulator out of the Marketplace (as per its no-funny-business terms of service). Matt's trying to drum up some community support to change Microsoft's mind on the matter, and in the meantime he's planning to open source his project. There's video after the break of the emulator running inside the WP7 emulator. It does the heart good!


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  1. Well. Android has NES, GB, GBA, SNES, GENESIS, GameGear, PSX and Dreamcast. N64 is coming for Android I guess it is special for Windows Phone 7.