Monday, January 10, 2011

Microsoft Says Sprint and Verizon Getting WP7 Before July


We know that CDMA-compatible Windows Phone 7 smartphones are being manufactured, but so far there hasn't been much indication as to just when carriers will start selling those models. It still leaves us with a big release window, but now we have some confirmation straight from Redmond that both Sprint and Verizon will have WP7 phones by June 30.

This claim comes from Microsoft Mobile Communications director Aaron Woodman. Clarifying statements made by Steve Ballmer during the Microsoft CES event, Woodman narrowed down when we could expect to see these CDMA WP7 devices, like the HTC 7 Pro.

The odd thing, though, is that we had gotten the feeling that these launches would be much sooner than midway through the year. Some leaked HTC 7 Trophy promotional material, if genuine, suggested the phone would be available on Verizon in "early 2011". That sounds more like Q1 than June to us. Maybe Verizon will get its WP7 handsets first, with Sprint not carrying them until further into the year, but that's just speculation.


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