Monday, January 3, 2011

New Samsung Omnia 7 ROMs Leaked; Omnia 8 Rumors Emerge


Two new ROM updates have been leaked for the Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7 handset -- namely I8700XENJK1 and I8700BSEJK1 -- and, while they are not containing Copy/Paste functionality, they bring some performance improvements according to reports.

Before proceeding we need to make it clear that there are major risks when playing with Windows Phone 7 firmware that is not released through Microsoft or the Zune client. Nevertheless, MobileTechWorld reports that they have flashed I8700XENJK1 ROM and the device seems to have a better overall performance, both apps and radio (Cellular and WiFi) wise.

This part goes into the Rumor category as SamFirmware also lists a certain Windows Phone 7 powered Omnia 8 device with model number I7850 and no other details at the moment. While the Omnia 7 has the model number of I8700, it would be common sense to have a higher code number for a follow-up device, which, according to MobileTechWorld, would be a QWERTY powered HTC 7 Pro competitor.


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