Saturday, April 16, 2011

Developers to Get Early Access to Windows Phone 7 Mango


After all the great news involving Windows Phone 7 and developers, Microsoft Director for Windows Phone 7, Brandon Watson, stated that developers will be able to get early hands on the platform refresh.

On a Channel 9 Live interview, later confirmed by the above tweet, Watson said that Microsoft is committed to offering developers early access to Windows Phone 7 Mango. This could nicely fall into place with previous rumors we've heard about OEMs and carriers getting early access to Mango code around early fall.

This doesn't necessarily mean that there will actually be any Mango powered smartphones out this year -- read Nokia or Updates -- since the testing phase turned out to be rather slow but we definitely hope there will be a smoother one to bring Mango in time for the holiday season. Waht do you think?


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