Saturday, April 16, 2011

LG Working On E700 Windows Phone 7 Handset


Earlier today we got a look at the HTC Mazaa, which should be an upcoming Windows Phone 7 design, likely running hardware meeting the latest Chassis specs Microsoft's released. You can add to that short list of future WP7 devices we know about a new LG model, known to us only as the LG E700.

The E700 has revealed itself through an Open Mobile Alliance device profile, giving us a very basic overview of the smartphone. The big reveal here comes from the phone's browser data, identified as "LGE/Microsoft/IE9". While it's not a slam-dunk, it's likely that the inclusion of IE9 means we'll be seeing the phone arrive running Mango.

Elsewhere in the device profile, we see that the E700 has the standard WP7 480 x 800 screen resolution. Sadly, that's all the insight the file offers into what we can expect from this LG smartphone. We expect to hear more about it, and get a proper name for the E700, over the coming months.


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