Thursday, April 21, 2011

Microsoft To Push WP7 Mitigation Update Via Zune


We're quite sure you're familiar with recent rumors according to which Microsoft will push a mitigation update soon -- some say May 3 -- in order to fix the Internet Explorer vulnerability due to Comodo's nine fraudulent certificates.

We (and others) thought that being a lightweight update it might be the first one Redmond would push over-the-air in the history of Windows Phone 7. Bruce Cowper, Group Manager of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing, confirmed to WinRumors that the update will be distributed via the Zune software, pretty much like pre-NoDo and NoDo. Additionally, the company is working with mobile carriers to plan its distribution methods so we're not quite sure how the process will go down given the history of updates going through carriers. Hopefully Microsoft and network operators can prove the world that it can be done.


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