Saturday, April 16, 2011

Microsoft Embraces Patience In Updating Windows Phone 7

Microsoft promised an update to Windows Phone 7 which would land "early 2011" and would bring features to smartphones that would cover inital lacks out of the box, like Copy and Paste.

The update has started rolling out but some carrier-branded smartphones are still not being delivered the platform refresh. While talking updates, Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone Program Management, speaking in Las Vegas, said Microsoft "expected it to be earlier than now".

After starting the update process and roll-out, Redmond ran into some problems down the way according to reports, with some smartphones not functioning correctly after the update. "We felt it would be better to be a little bit patient, make sure that when we get updates out that they would happen reliably, and unfortunately that caused a delay in getting things out" he said.

Microsoft has hopefully learned from this experience -- and things are pointing in that direction as Joe Belfiore is optimistic -- as a major platform refresh, called Mango, is coming soon to Windows Phones, and maybe some minor updates along the way until then.


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