Monday, September 5, 2011

HTC Confirms Windows Phone Internet Sharing; How Will It Arrive?


One of Mango's many new features went largely unnoticed for the operating system's beta period, only coming to light about a week ago. That's a shame, because it's one that many WP7 users have been hoping for: internet connection sharing via WiFi hotspot. Now some new information has come out which confirms the feature's presence, but it's not the best news for everyone.

HTC commented on Windows Phone internet sharing, revealing that it will be present in the just-announced HTC Radar and HTC Titan. We wouldn't be surprised if carriers ultimately restrict access to the function, but that's not on HTC's back.

The bad news is how internet sharing will arrive on existing Windows Phone 7 devices: that is to say, not right away. It turns out that the reason no one saw internet sharing earlier in Mango's development is because it really was a last-minute addition. For HTC, at least, that meant that the company was already too far along in preparing updates for its WP7 lineup to go back and add the feature in, along with all the additional testing it would require. It should still be getting here (again, subject to carriers not being jerks), but you'll have to wait until a future update.


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