Monday, September 5, 2011

Navigon for Windows Phone 7 Supports Offline Maps


If you're a smartphone user that likes to travel a lot, then a decent GPS navigation program that supports offline maps for decreased data usage and increased battery life is probably important to you. Sure, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango comes with a sort of okay GPS navigation program, but Navigon plans to release something much more feature-rich and useable. A new version of Navigon for Windows Phone will support offline maps, as well as offer an "augmented reality function Reality Scanner, which provides an instant and effortless way of identifying nearby destinations while on foot; an option to select address information directly from the phone’s contact list; and the ability to save a favorite or home address as a shortcut on the start screen."

Navigon already has a version for Windows Phone available for German T-Mobile users, but we hope this new version will see a wider release. No real release date or pricing has been announced just yet, but we expect it to become available later this year.


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