Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nokia's First Windows Phone To Ship In One Month? [Update]


The first Nokia Windows Phone -- we just assume it will be the SeaRay but we've heard names like Nokia 703 and 800 too -- is going to ship in the middle of month October, according to recent reports. We initially heard that Nokia is planning a Europe-only launch limited to six countries this year and one month from now allegedly seems to be the date.

The American market will get its Nokia Windows Phone treat around March 2012 and Australia doesn't seem to be in luck either, as Q1 2012 is the timeframe Nokia made public.

Of course, the phone shipping in Europe mid-October is still just a rumor as we've heard nothing official from Nokia. We didn't even hear anything official from Microsoft either, but a Mango launch announcement is expected really soon (tomorrow, according to some rumors).

Update: Nokia tweeted the following: "We cannot confirm local availability but the 1st Nokia w/ WP devices will ship in Q4 and with volumes in 2012". Corroborate that with rumors of a Europe-only launch in 2011 and Q1 for U.S. and Australia and we get a cleared image.


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