Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hurray: Copy/Paste Coming To Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 launched just yesterday and we've already seen more demos and phones than we can shake a stick at. However, one thing that's noticeably absent from WP7 is copy/paste.

We've known that Windows Phone 7 would have no copy/paste for months. Microsoft revealed that right after the OS was unveiled at Mobile World Congress in March. Redmond has since tried to explain its absence by telling us concessions had to be made in order to stay on track, and has likened the omission to Sprint and Verizon not getting the phones until next year.

Speaking to CNet last month, product managed Greg Sullivan said, "It's exactly the same decision dynamic," he said, adding, "Look, we could do more things, or we could do fewer things really, really well. We chose intentionally to do fewer things really, really well."

Those of you who believe copy/paste is something a phone should absolutely have will be pleased to hear it's coming in 2011. CNet's Ina Fried spoke to some of the development team and got a demo of the technology at yesterday's press event. She says that it seemed to work well, "if not quite as elegantly as what Apple has done on the iPhone," but didn't give a specific date as to when we can expect a widespread update for all WP7 devices. However, she did say that the update carrying copy/paste will come "early next year" and later added that it's "coming sooner rather than later."


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