Thursday, October 28, 2010

Watching PowerPoint Broadcasts On Windows Phone 7

Another nice feature in Windows Phone 7 is how easily you can watch remote PowerPoint broadcasts from PowerPoint 2010. There's a new feature in PowerPoint 2010 that lets you broadcast a presentation from your desktop over the internet to anybody that you send a link to. Basically it uses the free Office Live service to set up a web connection to your local PowerPoint software where the slides are shown over the web while you control the slide progression on your computer. This can also be used with SharePoint 2010 if you don't want your PowerPoint slides going over the public internet.

So as you'll see in the video below, you can very easily open a PowerPoint broadcast link in Windows Phone 7 and join a conference call at the same time. This is a great feature for people on the go who also need to take part in PowerPoint presentations. The presenter could even be showing the slides to both a real-life audience and a remote audience at the same time.


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