Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Reviews - Conclusion

The Windows Phone 7 Review: Final Words

If you’re looking for a feature replacement to an Android phone or Windows Mobile device, WP7 will disappoint. Windows Phone is more like the iPhone than it is anything else. If you don’t like the iPhone (for reasons other than an inherent dislike for Apple), you probably won’t like Windows Phone. If your sole reason is disdain for Apple, then pick up a Windows Phone.

What I’m most excited about isn’t the fact that we’ll have another good competitor in the smartphone space, but rather the hope this gives me for Microsoft’s future products. Windows 7 was a nice OS, but it was nothing earth shattering and clearly did nothing to fend off Apple’s erosion of PC market share. Windows Phone 7 is a beacon of hope for Microsoft. If Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 are designed with similar focus and clarity of thought as WP7 was, we may be looking at the beginning of Microsoft’s return.

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HTC HDC 7 Windows Phone 7: Review HD2 redux

In Short
Overall the HTC 7 HD7 handset with its WP7 can best be summed up by likening it to the ear plugs that come with the phone. The headphones have a sturdy design and the sound quality is fine but they can become uncomfortable at times. The INQUIRER's advice to Microsoft and HTC is, in future only provide completed products for review. µ

The Good
Speedy browsing, intuitive user interface.

The Bad
Camera, limited storage.

The Ugly
Lack of Flash support.

Bartender's score

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