Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Microsoft's Cunning Xbox Live Plan Might Not Work

Not enough to sell Windows Phone 7

LAGGING MOBILE PLAYER Microsoft's cunning plan to offer its Xbox Live games service on Windows Phone 7 smartphones might not work, analysts have warned.

The Vole's partners unveiled their Windows Phone 7 handsets yesterday and one of the features was that they will connect to Xbox Live.

Redmond hopes that some 25 million owners of the Xbox 360 video game console, who pay about $60 a year so they can play multiplayer games online, will provide a good customer base to drive sales of Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Mike Hickey, a Janco Partners analyst told Reuters that he was skeptical that the tie-in with the Xbox will be enough to lure gamers to the phones.

He said that while there was some harmony with the Xbox, he did not think that people would really buy these phones for the games.

Hickey said that the Vole needed more exclusive game content to set the phones apart from the flood of games already available on competing phones that run Android software and the Iphone.

Electronic Arts (EA) has said that it will develop mobile games for phones running Windows Phone 7, which can be connected to users' Xbox live subscriptions. Players can accumulate points on their Xbox accounts by playing the EA games.

EA makes popular mobile games such as The Sims and Need for Speed: Undercover.

On phones running Microsoft's mobile OS, users will get access to their Xbox accounts, although they might not be able to play some of the more complex games. ยต


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