Thursday, October 28, 2010

Report: HTC HD7 Does Allow microSD Card Swapping

Good news for HTC HD7 owners and potential owners, as contrary to yesterday's report, it now seems as if this Windows Mobile 7 device will indeed accept non-stock microSD cards. Arne Hess of the::unwired had originally tweeted that his pre-production unit would deliver an error message whenever the pre-installed 8GB card was swapped out for another model; now Hess is reporting that the initial rejection was actually due to improper seating of the card, and that by carefully resituating it in its housing he was able to get the operating system to read it.

There are still a few caveats here, such as the fact that the stock class 2 8GB card was replaced with a class 6 version of equal capacity, making it somewhat unclear if different sized cards will work. However as Hess points out, since the HD7 ships with different capacities in different regions, there's no reason to think that a 16GB or even a 32GB would not work properly. It should be noted that since some disassembly of the device is required to access the microSD holder, performing an upgrade may in fact void the manufacturer's warranty. Plus, as with all Windows Phone 7 devices, a hard reset is required when switching cards, and apparently a card formatted for use with the platform is unreadable by standard PC card readers.


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