Saturday, October 23, 2010

Old Spice Guy Uses Win Phone 7 to Seduce DJ

So you're opting for the old 'sex sells' approach, eh Microsoft?

Isaiah Mustafa was a hit when he played Old Spice Guy for Old Spice's new TV commercials, but the former NFL player became an internet sensation when he spent hours in a studio in Oregon making personalized videos for hundreds of YouTube fans.

It was recently revealed that Isaiah would be partnering with Microsoft to sell Windows Phones in Australia. Though he's endorsing the phones as himself as opposed to Old Spice Guy, it's clear Isaiah's own charm and powers of seduction are just as strong as Old Spice Guy's, even without the scripts from ad agency Wieden+Kennedy. Watch below as Isaiah uses a Windows Phone 7 device to seduce an Australian radio DJ from NovaFM (slightly NSFW because of the sheer amount of sexual innuendo and double entendres).

It's not yet clear if radio interviews will be the extent of Isaiah's Windows Phone 7 endorsements or if he'll also be doing TV commercials similar to the teaser we saw last week (embedded below as a reminder). Still, if he does do TV spots, we bet they won't be half as risqué as this interview. You should probably use headphones if you're watching at work. Unless you think your boss would be okay with hearing DJs talk about "sitting on my Facebook," in which case, go for it!

Old Spice Guy Seduces Australian Ricki Lee - Nova Radio

Isaiah Mustafa going Down Under!?


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  1. hahaha, quite effective if you ask me... can't wait to grab one!