Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Existing Nokia Developers Get Free Windows Phones


Members of Nokia's Launchpad Developer Program may have felt a little shafted with the news that Nokia will be switching their platform to Windows Phone 7. After all, I'm sure they've put a lot of work into their applications using Nokia's development tools. Of course, Nokia wants to make sure their developers are happy so today members of their Launchpad developer program recieved an email saying that they will get a Nokia E7 phone in the near term, a Nokia Windows Phone when they're available, and admission to the next Nokia World/Nokia Developer Summit free of charge. You can read the full email at SlashGear which also lists some other perks for Launchpad members.

If you were or are a Nokia developer, would these new developer program perks be good incentives for you to support Nokia and Windows Phone 7 with your applications?

Source: pocketnow.com

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