Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zune Desktop Update Foretells WP7 NoDo?


Windows Phone 7 developers already have their mitts on Microsoft's first update to its mobile OS, adding in support for copy-and-paste. What about the rest of us, then? We had heard that maybe we'd get the update on February 7, but that's clearly come and gone. A new Zune Desktop update is going out now, and it may be tied to the imminent release of the new WP7 software.

If you use the Zune software to check for an update, Microsoft's servers will report there's one available for you to download. Though it doesn't seem to carry a new version number, we've heard reports that a change to the file ZuneWmdu.dll is being made, which handles updates for Windows Mobile devices. If this checks out, it may be a sign that Microsoft is getting ready to drop NoDo within the next few days.

Even if there's no WP7 update in our immediate future, updating the Zune software will apparently give you a bit of a performance boost when loading the application, so you win either way. While you wait, check out our demonstration video of the new copy-and-paste function.


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