Monday, February 7, 2011

TouchXperience Beta Coming to WP7; No Jailbreak?


Julien Schapman has been hard at work on his TouchXperience program for Windows Phone 7, previously releasing a beta version for Windows Mobile. Schapman says that Microsoft contacted him about official homebrew support - as a result he pulled the Jailbreak function from his application.

Windows Phone Device Manager is a desktop-side application, which serves to allow more control over your device. WMDC brings many new features to the WP7 platform such as on-device file management, adding and managing custom ringtones, integration with windows explorer, and a shared clipboard between the device and PC. Schmapman also states he will implement device backup if Microsoft allows it.

TouchXperience will act as a device-side application that talks with the desktop application and also works standalone. It includes a file explorer, task manager, interactive backgrounds, custom panels and widgets, and several other features. It is able to achieve this without jailbreaking by exploiting lax security in OEM provided drivers.

As WMDC is the only jailbreak expected to work after Microsoft releases their first update to WP7, "NoDo", WP7 users are now left with no jailbreak option after the patch.


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